A downloadable game for Windows

A nostalgic Adventure-Narrative game set in Ontario.  Explore the local neighbourhood on rollerblades as Naomi

Talk to locals, listen to music and explore!

We would really appreciate any feedback as this is a work in progress.  There is a feedback button on the main menu. 

Some NPC's are currently capsules so keep an eye out 👀

Keyboard and mouse controls 

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rollergirl-win.zip 843 MB
Version 9 Jun 06, 2022

Development log


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This looks pretty amazing! I didn't know I needed this game, but it is a wholesome experience just to skate and to relax. Thank you, keep up the good work! :)

Thanks so much!! 🤗

Starting and stopping the character is super smooth. Love what this is so far!

Thanks so much 😊

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Uploaded new version, fixed issue of day/night cycle being super fast and a few other things! 

Only complaint is I wish I could have gone into the park! Looking forward to see more of this.

Deleted 122 days ago

Its open now! :)